Sunday, May 07, 2006

Symetrical Augmented Scale: Part 1

I just recently got introduced to this scale in a more in-depth manner via Ed Tomassi's class. This is what I get out of it so far:

The construction of it is:

Minor 3rd-Half Step-Minor 3rd-Half Step-Minor3rd-Half Step-Minor3rd-Half Step

In Notes that means:

C Symetrical Augmented
C Eb E G Ab B C
1 b3 3 5 b6 7 1

These are the main chords from the scale:

Major: C, E, Ab
Minor: Cmin, Emin, Abmin
Augmented: C+, E+, Ab+
Major 7th: CMaj7, EMaj7, AbMaj7
Aug Maj7th: C+Maj7, E+Maj7, Ab+Maj7

Will blog more about the scale as I get more into it.

Till later, play on!


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