Saturday, July 21, 2007

Improvised Solo Guitar Piece

This is a piece that I just improvised in an attempt to capture how I feel at the moment. It was recorded via the computer mic and I think you can hear some bird sounds at the background. Listening back, I thought that was a cool little addition to the mood of the piece.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Kid said...

Your blog is a huge pile of knowledge. THANK YOU.
By the way, my name is Kid,Pongtorn. And i play classic guitar for 13 years and i just have a chance to study on jazz.
I have posted some clips i played in
This link is "Fly me to the moon" i play and posted. Hope you happy watching it.

At 11:10 PM, Blogger guitarharmony said...

hi kid,

thanks for checking out my site and for reading! i'm glad you enjoy the blog. do feel free to ask me any questions relating to the posts i've made. i've been busy these past few months but will be posting new lessons including some regarding jazz chords and arrangement ideas.

i'll be checking out your videos too!


At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Sybil said...

You write very well.


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