Sunday, May 21, 2006

Automatic Guitaristic elements

There are some things that are just inherent to the guitar and therefore using these devices will bring out the quality of the guitar. They are:

1. Open Strings
2. Harmonics
3. Muted strings/Percussive playing on strings
4. Prepared Guitar
5. The sounds behind the nut and the bridge
6. Neck Bending
7. String Bending
8. Slides
9. Hammer-ons and Pull-offs (and legato playing)
10.String Noises (Fret noise, string noise, stratching the strings, pick gliss etc.)

Especially in jazz playing, I think some of these ideas go untapped and unexplored by many. Those who embrace these sounds tend to get a more unique sound. In some ways, I believe that the exploration of these qualities should be a part of a guitarist's proficiency on the instrument in addition to the knowledge of scales, chord voicings, arpregios, picking fluency, technical fluency etc.)

Some recommended listening:

For prepared guitar,string noises,muted strings/percussive playing: David Tronzo
Harmonics: For jazz: Lenny Breau, Tal Farlow; In general: Tommy Emmanuel, Eric Roche, Thomas Leeb
Open Strings: John Stowell, Pat Metheny (especially his acoustic stuff)
Legato Playing: Allan Holdsworth, Tim Miller, Pat Metheny, John Scofield


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