Friday, May 26, 2006

Hybrid Chords Part 1 - Major Triad/Bass Note

I'm checking out the different sounds I can get by playing a major triad over a bass note, both harmonically and melodically.

I picked C as my bass note, and here are the chords, (firstly with Wayne Krantz numbering system and then an analysis of sorts)

C/C - 1,3,5 C Major Triad (1,3,5)
Db/C - b2,4,b6 Csus4(b9/b13) - C Phrygian Voicing or DbMajor7(3rd inversion)
D/C - 2,b5,6 C(no 3rd,9,#11,13) - C Lydian, CLydian b7 upper structure voicing
Eb/C - b3,5,b7 Cmin7
E/C - 3,b6,7 C+Maj7
F/C - 4,6,1 Csus4(add6no5th), F triad (2 inversion)
F#/C - b5,b7,b2 C7(#11,b9)
G/C - 5,7,2 CMaj7(9)no 3rd - C Ionian, C Lydian, C Harmonic Major
Ab/C - b6,1,b3 C aeolian modal, Ab Major (1st inversion)
A/C - 6,b2,3 C7 Sym. Dom, C7 (b9,13)
Bb/C - b7,2,4 C7sus4(9)
B/C -7,b3,b5 Cdim(maj7)


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