Sunday, June 11, 2006

On the learning process Part 2

The way I see it, we learn via our senses. It's logical but I think to really take note of how we, as individuals learn may be the key to optimal learning. For me, I'm a very visual person so I tend to remember finger shapes a lot. I also learned a lot over the years by watching a lot of people play. At times, I may not have much understanding of what is happening on a technical level (especially during my formative years) but still the whole experience of watching is very essential.

Another way of looking at it:

Our senses:

1. Visual: our eyes
2. Auditory : our ears
3. Touch: our hands, fingers, body, skin
4. Smell: our nose
5. Taste: our tongue, tastebuds

Of course, the first three are the senses that we use directly in learning the guitar. The extent of how much we rely on the senses are of course individual and vary with each person. For me, I am most optimal learning visually. I learn better when I see the chart, I learn better when I see someone doing it.

Some people learn better by listening to something being played. For me, it took a longer time to develop my ears. My listening skills have improved over the years but I still find it important for me to realise what is most natural for me and use it to my advantage. In many ways, learning about music is much about about learning about oneself-especially when you look at the experience from different angles. Drop me a line if any of these ideas help you! Let me know what you think.

Till then, play on!


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