Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Technical Exercises #2: Right Hand

This post will explore right hand fingerstyle (classical) exercises.

Right hand fingering is notated as follows: (The first word is the spanish word)

P :Pulgar = Thumb
i : Indice = Index Finger
m: Medio = Middle Finger
a: Anular = Ring Finger

By assigning the finger to a set of strings (for the purpose of this exercise), we can practice right hand permutations much like the more common exercise for the left hand explained in the previous post.

Why list all the permutations down one might ask. Well, for this - I would quote Mick Goodrick who pointed out that by knowing all the possibilities, one would have the chance to pick something that they're not good at and work at it. If not, one would (by not knowing it) practice the same thing - over and over again. In that regard, this listing is as much for me and for anyone who might find this perspective (and the material) useful to them.

Have fun and enjoy the journey.

Here are all the 24 posible permutations:

P i m a
P i a m
P m i a
P m a i
P a i m
P a m i

i P m a
i P a m
i m P a
i m a P
i a P m
i a m P

m P i a
m P a i
m i P a
m i a P
m a P i
m a i P

a P i m
a P m i
a i P m
a i m P
a m P i
a m i P


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