Sunday, June 11, 2006

Demanding Aspects of Jazz Guitar

Playing guitar is a challenge. There are so many things that boggle my mind about it. Here are just some that come to mind:

1. Playing fast
Everyone wants to play fast whether they admit it or not. For those who this skill comes naturally, blessed are they. For those who can't, we want too!

2. Playing complicated, sophisticated note choices
When playing a blues scale in somewhat stepwise motion doesn't do it anymore, one explores the other notes.

3. Comping tastefully
Being able to comp in response to what the soloist or melody is doing. Being another line that voiceleads and moves beautifully (or uglily-depending on the music) rather than being random.

4. Tone
When will we have enough gear? When will we have enough chops to play a beautiful sound?

Sometimes it's good to ask questions so that we can reflect on them over time. At times, questions are more important than the answers themselves.


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